Competitive Advantages

Simply stated, there are two reasons that Intercom is considered the very best scaling staffing company by our clients and employees: Backend Support & Engagement

Quality permeates every aspect of our business. It starts with our experience and familiarity with the industries we serve. Few staffing agencies have our depth of knowledge regarding flexible staffing solutions that satisfy the front-end web development, sales, marketing, HR, customer service, admin and digital sectors.

The quality we’ve gained by way of experience is an important differentiator, but it’s our commitment level that’s cited most often by satisfied clients and employees. You may find any number of staffing agencies that tout their commitment to client satisfactions, but at Intercom, we credit our stellar reputation with our commitment to satisfying employees. After all, it’s human relationships that drive business success.

Our process is what makes Intercom the best staffing company

We don’t mind giving away our secret sauce. More than what we do,
it’s the manner in which we do it that makes Intercom special.


Recruitment Process

In-depth needs analysis with client

1. Understand corporate culture and environmental factors.
2.On-site client visit(s).
3. Clearly define staff necessities and job requirements.


1.Source candidates from the national Intercom database.
2.Targeted recruitment marketing plan, specifically developed by industry and distributed via channels including advertising, employee referrals, strategic partnerships, university and technical school relationships, direct marketing, networking organizations and trade groups.

Skill Testing

Checking References


1.Provide employee background materials and salary requirements
2.With Intercom stamp of approval


Client Service Commitment

Update clients daily, weekly or any customized time-frame that suits staffing situational analysis.

Provide employee feedback status reports to ensure maximal communication.

After start date, offer ongoing support to offer client feedback channel to employee, again to maximize communication, along with adoption of corporate culture.

During recruitment stage, Intercom offers a variety of free training resources for supporting the knowledge base and skills that are in high demand.

Intercom is available to clients and employees seeking to alter agreements, when necessary, in order to adapt to changing business needs.

Quality and commitment are most noticeable in our willingness to flexible staffing solutions. At Intercom, we speak business fluently, and as a result, we are well versed in the nature of shifting budget requirements that affect staffing needs. Our goal is to always have high-quality staffing options that suit your situation perfectly. As a result, our temp staffing services include options for expanding into temp-to-hire, independent contractor and third-party payroll solutions when applicable.

Let’s put our competitive advantages to work for you.

Case Studies

Learn more about the creative workforce solutions that have proven successful for our clients.


Learn more about the creative workforce solutions that have proven successful for our clients.


Learn more about the creative workforce solutions that have proven successful for our clients.