Types of Staffing

Intercom is much more than a temporary staffing agency because the needs of our clients stretch far beyond the "temporary"!

Temporary Staffing

Intercom has a network of growth professionals and also sources and recruits the employees necessary for short and long-term project assignments with its clients. We maintain compliance as the W-2 legal employer of record and simply charge a flat hourly rate. We’re also a multi-state licensed employer. Temporary and long-term placement staffing is a useful tool to supplement your organization by supplying qualified professionals who can help your company grow and maintain growth, right now.


Direct Hire Staffing

As a part of its temporary staffing solution, Intercom supplies employees for short and long term project assignments with the option for the client to hire the employee on a full-time basis. This is a cost effective way to transition the employee from our payroll to your company’s payroll. Why not “try before you buy?”

Digital Marketing EXPERT Solutions

Many companies need a Chief Marketing Officer in their organization but don’t have one, because their marketing needs do not necessitate a full-time expert. What Intercom can do for you is provide you with two options around this concern: 

Number 1: We can provide you with a Fractional CMO. A Fractional CMO is a senior level marketing leader who is brought in to establish or lead your company’s marketing function on a part-time or consultative basis. The Fractional part means you are getting a serious expert who is fully committed to your team, but at a fraction of the executive-level cost.

Number 2: You can outsource specific marketing needs to our internal digital marketing team, supporting: Search Engine Optimization, Pay-per-Click, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Marketing Analytics. The scope of your reach can go way beyond your walls. Let us help you get there!


Regardless of the type of staffing you need, Intercom has a solution. Let’s discuss your staffing project.

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